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If you want to write to me or send me something, use the below address!

Unit C1, North City Business Park
North Road, Dublin 11
D11 RW30



22 thoughts on “Send me something!

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  2. Jerry

    Hey just wanted to give you a shout out. Saw your Ireland purge video, couldn’t tell with the audio I think it was my device. But I was intrigued so I looked at your video “long drive last Saturday”. 1. Props on being able to drive a manual. Video was pretty awesome had to like it. Which is a feat I don’t ever feel the need to like anything on YouTube. 2 saw your other video about britian leaving, quit making to much sense people will not understand you ha. Well wish you the best and good time.


  3. Jack

    I now know that I’m REALLY old after viewing your videos- I don’t ‘get’ your humor (the younger generation style of humor, that is.) Don’t get me wrong- you’re incredibly talented, entertaining and your video productions have intriguing story lines- which I intend to continue to watch in your ‘weeklys.’ I suspect that I may not be as sophisticated as I thought I was. Continue to be that person which you are and continue to pursue all of the horizons you wish to creatively explore. You have a calling for something great, I’m sure. Perhaps then, it will take me by surprise and jolt me back to a younger frame of mind, at some point, when I finally ‘get your stuff.’ I’ll probably smile and laugh at myself- I’m taking on the challenge!

  4. curtis hutto

    I’m an American marine stationed in Japan it get boring but I watch you on YouTube I follow your Facebook your page cracks me up and makes me smile thanks for the entertainment 😀

  5. Bob

    Have thoughts of doing more videos with Orna? She seems like a load of fun to have as a friend and your chemistry in the 2 in car videos you did a while back was awesome. She is also got a great laugh. Love you work keep it up.

  6. Kendall

    Hey Clisare!
    I only have just very recently figured out that I want to learn Gaeilge or, obviously, Irish Gaelic. And I stumbled upon your video on how to swear in Irish Gaelic. And, I was just wondering, what are some tips on being able to speak this language and what books or websites would really help with speaking this language
    Please help!
    Thank you!!!


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