My name is Clare Cullen, known online for creating video content under the name ‘Clisare‘, together with my husband Alex. I am also a freelance journalist, currently creating content for Vidsy, writing for Medium, and lecturing in Online Content: Creation & Curation at Griffith College Dublin.

Find me on TRY Channel, Ireland’s biggest collaborative YouTube channel, or find me on my own social media channels @clisare. You can also contact me via email – on the ‘Contact Me’ page – or send me something to the address listed.

Any packages received may be opened/reviewed on camera and/or featured in video or photo content across social media channels.

What People Say

Not that hard, lads.

Foil, Arms and Hog

Very competitive, does well with spice.

TRY Channel

She’s right in all of our arguments.


Let’s build something together.