What I Made Last Week: Penneys Appointment, Narcissism Test and Coffee Liqueur!

I am a bit late with this post as I normally write them on Sundays but passed out last Sunday after a very hard training session in the morning. It’s good to be back on the pitch! 🙌🏻

On My YouTube Channel:

CoronaVLOG: I Got A Penneys Appointment!

Penneys (‘Primark’ outside of Ireland) is practically woven into the fabric of Irish society, and it’s been a long five months without access to it, so ahead of a full reopening, Penneys offered shopping by appointment. Naturally, I had to get one, as it was all anyone was talking about all week! I mostly ended up with just socks and knickers though, so I’ll have to go back again once the queues abate (they show no sign since it fully reopened!)

For my feature video this week, I took a narcissism test. I scored fairly average on it, although some people in the comments seemed to disagree 🤣 As so many people pointed out that the opposite of narcissist is an empath, I’m tempted to take an empath test next to see if I am Shane Dawson (world’s best-known empath, of course 😂)

On TikTok

Back, this week, to uploading on TikTok/Instagram Reels every day. As usual, most of them did pretty average:

But one popped off – a sketch about wild swimming. I heard back that it got shared in a lot of swimming WhatsApp groups and I even had friends send me screenshots of their Mammies watching it on their phone!


First up this week, a sponsored video we did with Mr Black Liqueur went up on TRY.

We were given total freedom in how to react to the product, but a lot of people were suspicious as we loved it so much. I was ready to complain but coffee and alcohol are my favourite things and turns out, when you mix them together, they’re even better. Top 5 shoots ever!

Next up, I was in the video where we tried Nando’s Peri-Peri chicken. What did I do to deserve two lovely shoots in the one week? I feel like I’m about to get my come-uppance soon 🙈

Podcast: Storytime With Clisare

Last week, Georgia Boyle comes on to share her story of being immunocompromised during the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, the steps she took to stay safe from Covid and how the conversation around the immunocompromised made her feel.

I read a tweet thanking me for having two people from the disabled and chronically ill community on the podcast and I really appreciated the positive feedback. Of course, the podcast is completely dependent on the guest and the thanks is due to the two women who reached out to me to share their story, but this is what I want for the podcast – to showcase stories that may not otherwise be heard. The podcast remains small but I hope to grow it and continue to be able to do this! Thanks Drew for the lovely comment!

Oh – and don’t forget – I am always looking for new people and new stories! You can DM me on Twitter but the way to ensure I see it is to email storytime@theshift.ie. Include a quick summary of your story and I will be back to you to organise a time to record over Zoom.

So that’s a quick summary of the video content I’ve put out there this week. Of course, I’ve also shared stuff on Instagram stories and tweeted a hape of nonsense on twitter. Find me on your preferred social media at http://clisare.rocks/follow