What I Made This Week:

Here’s a summary of what I’ve made this week across a number of different platforms – all in one handy place!

On My YouTube Channel:

CoronaVLOG: Lockdown’s first birthday & St. Patrick’s Day cancelled – again!

Am I A Chaotic Evil or a Chaotic Good? Taking The Alignment Test

This test originally comes from D & D (Dungeons and Dragons, for those in the know 🤓) but I first came across the concepts of “neutral evil”, “chaotic good” etc. via Vine Compilations on YouTube. There you have it, now! I expected to be a “Chaotic (something)”. Safe to say, the results will really surprise you this time. Take the test yourself here.

On My Patreon:

Each day this week, I’ve been publishing the full daily vlogs from last week’s ‘Live Like Ciara O’ Doherty For A Week’ challenge. For those of you that don’t know, Ciara is a fellow TRY channel contributor and an Instagram influencer – and likes to get up very early in the morning, so that challenge was harder than expected!

Challenge video below, and full daily vlogs available for the Exclusive Content Club tier over on my Patreon.

I also went live with my Patrons on Friday – one of the perks of the Exclusive Content Club tier & above! 👏🏻

On TikTok

This week, I kept it fairly low-key with just a tongue-in-cheek jab at the monarchy, you know how we do! 😂


On Instagram, I kind-of, sort-of quietly announced that I’m going to be releasing the Irish Bucket List as an e-book. I’m working on it now. Working hard! The Exclusive Content Club and above tiers on my Patreon will get a free download of the book and I’ll be selling it in advance of the country (hopefully!) opening back up for tourism!

Podcast: Storytime With Clisare

This week, I had Ryan Tracey on the podcast to share his story of beating the record for fastest balloon sculptures made blindfolded – which he broke on the TV show Britian’s Got Talent!

Last week, I actually had Ryan’s friend on the podcast, a fellow Northern Irish man who appeared on Ninja Warrior UK:

So that’s a quick summary of the video content I’ve put out there this week. Of course, I’ve also shared stuff on Instagram stories and tweeted a hape of nonsense on twitter. Find me on your preferred social media at http://clisare.rocks/follow