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What I Made This Week: ‘Just Lockdown Things’, Assumptions & more!

A quick round up of the content I put out there this week, in one place!

Here’s a summary of what I’ve made this week across a number of different platforms – all in one handy place!

On Instagram:

I don’t normally include Instagram in this round up, but I really enjoyed the highlight I created this week called ‘Just Lockdown Things‘, which was a #throwback to ‘JustGirlyThings’ in the Tumblr days. (Anyone else remember? πŸ‘΅πŸ» ) I had been wanting to create this for a while and when Amazon Prime Video reached out to work together again, I knew that I could create Story posts that would fit perfectly in this idea. I’m looking forward to creating more of these, as I find them very entertaining!

I also started messing around with Luminar AI this week. I originally bought it because I watched Colin & Samir’s video where they showed how “amazing” it was for YouTube thumbnails, but have felt ever since that it falls a bit flat for YouTube thumbnails. However, I started to play around with regular photographs and was really happy with some of the results I achieved!

An edited photo of Millie & I on our walks

On My YouTube Channel:

CoronaVLOG: Husband Caught Me On Camera!

This week, the vlog was dominated by Alex Cam and Millie Cam. The less Clare Cam the better, amiright?! πŸ˜†

For my “main” video this week, I answered the rest of the assumptions about me that were sent to me on social media. Last week, I had focused on one.

On YouTube this week, I also tried the new feature ‘Shorts’. In Ireland, to use this feature you need to upload a video under 60s with the hashtag #Shorts in the title and description. I uploaded one of my favourite TikToks from the last while each day in between the regular YouTube longer-form content. They seemed to perform well in terms of views, although there was a little bit of confusion at first.

Short #1
Short #2
Short #3

On TikTok

Firstly, I made this rant about the anti-lockdown protestors using suicide rates as a justifiction to be selfish and go protest the lockdown without masks or social distancing – putting all of our hard-earned progress trying to reduce case numbers at risk and potentially ensuring a lockdown extension into the summer πŸ™ƒ (One business owner in the comments has already said that the recommended re-opening for his business – walking tours – has been pushed back to June by the Gov now as a result of the anticipated spike from the protests….)


People are dying because of lockdown so in response, we break the rules so it gets extended… Make it make sense. You can’t.

♬ original sound – clisare

Most people agreed with me that we have been working so hard for a year now (happy birthday, lockdown!) and to see it all thrown away like that was a kick in the teeth.

Also this week, as part of the aforementioned campaign for Amazon Prime Video (4 x Insta Stories & 2 tiktoks), I created this tiktok of my husband Alex and I lipsyncing to an argument about the dishwasher from one of the Amazon Original shows. I love working with Amazon Prime, as they really give you free reign to create what you want to create. This one got the dishwasher argument going in the comments and got over 360,000 views!


I’ve never found a sound that more accurately sums up our relationship. πŸ˜† @primevideouk #Ad #dishwasherlife #relationshipthings

♬ original sound – Amazon Prime Video

Last but not least, I shared this video of me reaching a new PB (Personal Best) in lockdown! Go me! πŸ˜†


I have reached a new #PB in lockdown πŸ˜ŽπŸ€™πŸ»if you dream it you can do it! #lockdown #chaseyourdreams

♬ original sound – clisare

Storytime with Clisare: I Lived Through The Texas Winter Storm, Water and Power Outage | STORYTIME with Peter Stefan

This week, fan of the podcast Peter Stefan reached out to come on the podcast and share his story of living through the recent winter storm together with water and power outages in the Lone Star State. As always, Storytime With Clisare can be found on YouTube (below) or on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

So that’s a quick summary of the video content I’ve put out there this week. Of course, I’ve also shared stuff on Instagram stories and tweeted a hape of nonsense on twitter. Find me on your preferred social media at

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