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What I Made This Week: Irish Language & Storytime

A quick round up of the content I put out there this week, in one place!

CoronaVLOG: Lockdown Extended by NINE Weeks….

It’s totally fine. WE’RE FINE!

Jokes aside, we actually are fine. I realise we are lucky to be in our situation. I do miss home (Mayo) a lot, and I miss sport a lot, but we’re waiting and hoping that this will end soon and we can go back to those things.

Video: “Am I Girlier Than I Let On?”

This video is just me going down the rabbit hole of gender perception and presentation a little bit because I am intrigued and interested by the concept, and found this particular submitted assumption really interesting. I’m not at all bothered by the assumption (wanting to discuss something doesn’t necessarily mean it “bothered” you!) but I mean, I’m clearly missing the shite talk in the pub 🤣


Inspired by the Kerry Cowboy, I decided I want to make more Irish language content, so I tried a tiktok vlog as Gaeilge. It’s hard, having not practiced really at all for 10 months! It’ll get better. (I hope!!)


Inspired by @kerrycowboy, I’m going to make more tiktoks and videos in Irish to practice my Irish so I don’t lose it! 🇮🇪 #gaeilge #gaeilgevibes

♬ original sound – clisare

Last week, I made a tiktok titled “If the Irish Government were Gen Z”. The sketch was based on the popular sketch format of similar concepts – Gen Z as parents, Gen Z as lawyers, etc. I got my “Gen Z” lingo from this article and this article and made this video:

A LOT of people said this was cringe, and sure look – they’re absolutely right. 😆 The more I think about this sketch, the less sense it makes. I tried to make an American format work with a specifically Irish reference – but the terms used aren’t really used by Irish Gen Z-ers only USA ones, so to understand you’d need to be aware of both American Gen Z lingo and Irish current affairs. Madness. Sometimes my brain does its own thing, honestly.

But one person said I was being racist – the reason being that Gen Z lingo has actually come from (slash/ been appropriated from) AAVE. Now, this was news but, at the same time, didn’t surprise me – I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that a lot of the millenial “Yass Queen”/drag race lingo actually filtered through to the mainstream from AAVE via the LGBTQ+ community. Anyway, even though I had a discussion with the person and took her criticism on board – ie. I won’t be making any more of these tiktoks – I couldn’t help but make a joke and use the Father Ted “so I hear you’re a racist now, Father” sound.

Most people in the comments disagree with the idea that the original video was racist, but realistically shared ignorance would not be a viable defence either way. While I’m aware of the concept of white knighting, I think that if I can’t say for certain that something *isn’t* offensive (as I’m not the affected party) then I’ll just stay away from that kind of content in the future. Not Father Ted jokes though; I can’t stay away from them!

Storytime with Clisare: Two episodes!

I totally forgot to share last week’s episode so this week, I have two to share.

Firstly, previous guests Kellie and Fanj returned for a relatively unstructured episode of Storytime which, frankly, burned my perfectionism alive at the stake but turned out to be a very enjoyable episode all the same. Then, I had Linda Coogan Byrne on of the ‘Why Not Her’ campaign, telling her story of how she exposed a huge gender imbalance in the music industry – in relation to radio airplay – just from running the stats.

So that’s a quick summary of the video content I’ve put out there this week. Of course, I’ve also shared stuff on Instagram stories and tweeted a hape of nonsense on twitter. Find me on your preferred social media at

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