We Fostered A Dog

We fostered a dog from Dogs Angels Ireland recently.

I talked Alex into it as I wanted another dog to spend time with. Millie, our forever dog, is a very quiet and calm dog, and I felt we had room in our house – and our hearts – for another dog, even if only temporarily.

I got in touch with Dog’s Angels Ireland and after a friend’s recommendation, we were asked to take a short-term foster for ten days.

His name was Harry, and he was a very energetic sweetheart. He was a young Springer Spaniel who had a forever home sorted – but they couldn’t take him until ten days’ time.

He clearly hadn’t been mistreated as he was friendly and happy. He knew how to sit, and he was toilet trained (despite a few nervous/excited accidents in the first few days). Our forever dog, Millie, found his enthusiasm a bit annoying, but aside from a few growly incidents where she made her boundaries known, the two lived together in relative harmony for the ten days we were fostering Harry.

Harry’s gone again now to his forever home, and every now and again we look at each other and say “You’d miss Harry about the place, wouldn’t you?”

Vlog of the experience