Refused a #Covid19 test – and Ireland goes into lockdown

My husband and I are now finished our 14-day total “self-isolation”/quarantine, but we were not able to get a Coronavirus test to confirm if what we had was the Coronavirus. However, our GP said our symptoms sounded like Corona and, more convincingly, we described our symptoms to a group of friends who definetly had Coronavirus and they said we described what they had gone through.

Above is a video about how we were coping by day 12 of total quarantine.

Below is my most recent CoronaVLOG – a video update on Ireland and how the country is dealing with the situation. Restrictions were upgraded to essential trips and work only, otherwise wfh and remain within 2k of your house at all times.

I also did a ‘self-isolation’ haul with things I bought online while quarantined – hopefully, a little bit of brevity through all the heavy stuff.

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