Covid19: Things to do in Isolation / Quarantine

Here is a list of things to do to entertain yourself while you're in isolation/quarantine.

Here is a list of things to do to entertain yourself while you’re in isolation/quarantine.

Below is my latest vlog, where I show you what I’ve been getting up to while I’ve been in isolation.

Houseparty app: Houseparty is an app that allows a number of people to join a group video call and play games together, like HeadsUp, Quick Draw and Trivia. Friends can compete against each other in these games. Also, if you have loads of spare time and want to get your nerd on, the Houseparty blog has a lot of text explaining their backend.

Other online games: Rocket League is a great game to play on PS4 with friends, and relatively easy to setup in comparison to some of the other multiplayer online games. COD Warzone is also free, although you have to download 100GB before you can play it. Don’t get me started on the PS4. The PS3 was far superior, imo. Roll on the PS5 while we’re still in isolation, please!

Pints over Google Hangouts: Meet your friends down the pub for a midweek or Friday night pint same as normal, except swap the pub for a Google hangout. Easily created, shared and joined. You can use Zoom, either, if that’ what you’re into.

Online pub quizzes: There are a number of groups and individuals now running online pub quizzes every week, including comedian Davey Reilly (you might also know him from TRY channel), Table Fish Quiz, and even Ireland Simpsons Fans are planning one this weekend (with yours truly as host)! (plug!)

Home workouts: If going for a solo hike, cycle, a walk, or doing sprint training in a field somewhere isn’t your thing, there are currently loads of ways to get fit online for free or next to free. Fitbit have made their Premium service free for everyone for three months, Down Dog App have made their yoga, HIIT and 7m workout apps free until April (that is veering ever closer however and I would imagine they will extend it) and The Slay Gym is giving free daily workouts in a 30 day workout challenge. (They do ask for a $1 donation).

Any other suggestions I missed? Leave them in the comments below so I can try them!

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