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We recreated our first date on our wedding anniversary

Alex twirls Clare in a blue wedding dress, in a picturesque corridor of greenery.

My husband Alex and I recreated our first date on our first wedding anniversary eleven years after our first date.

Alex and I have been together since 2008, after meeting in work in 2007. There’s a long-running joke that Alex kept asking me out on a date and I kept not understanding that he meant a romantic date, but he eventually communicated his message and we went out in Dublin on a date.

Being from Mayo, I didn’t have a clue about Dublin, so Alex chose what we would do on our first date.

We had planned to meet on – if I recall correctly – a Saturday, but we ended up meeting on a Friday and having our first kiss on Grafton Street. So our first kiss was the night before our first date!

On Saturday, we met on Grafton Street – where we’d had our first kiss. We then went to a pub for a drink before dinner. After that, we went to Gotham café, where I was so nervous (the first time) that I kept dropping my cutlery, which Alex found hilarious. We then went to the Porterhouse for a drink and as far as I remember, it wasn’t particularly because Alex loves the Porterhouse, but more that it was the closest place he could think of. I remember getting a strawberry beer and hating it.

This isn’t the first time we recreated our first date, either. On our sixth anniversary of being together, Alex surprised me by recreating our first date as we’d been living in seperate countries for our fifth anniversary – and missed it!

At the time, Alex recreating our first date as a surprise was so romantic, and so unexpected, that there was a misunderstanding where I thought he was going to propose. Luckily, he wasn’t, as he knew I wasn’t ready. Instead, he waited until year 8 – “you have to be sure”, as he says to wind me up.