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My first video of the decade (and the last!)

Reupload your very first video of the decade and let's see how far we've all come!

omg that intro….  🙈

The first video I uploaded in this decade is now also the last video I uploaded in the same decade. I really like the idea of that!

This is the first video I uploaded in this decade, and actually my first ever YouTube video. I had previously uploaded a few photo collages to send to friends and one reaction video (‘Watching Man Has Sex With Horse and Later Dies’ – omg, make it stop) but this was my first attempt at a YouTube sketch, inspired to create it by how much I loved Jenna Marbles’ YouTube videos. 

Watching this elicits a lot of reactions. Parts I still think are funny, other parts the editing hurts me – that intro and those beeps! – and I specifically recall the amount of effort I put into making this – getting changed, opening a tent, having to put the tent away, etc.

One thing I cannot get over is that I have a sore finger in it, which I said was because of tag rugby! I didn’t realise I was playing tag rugby that early (it must have been my very first year?!) and I definetly didn’t realise I was getting injured from the very start – I had convinced myself that it was only when I began to play the higher levels. That shows me! I’ve clearly always been injury prone! 😂

I made this on my macbook, using the macbook camera, and I remember that I did that because Jenna Marbles made her videos that way and so, I felt inspired that I could too – that I didn’t need a fancy camera. I got a point-and-shoot camera some time later, when I got tired of setting up the laptop in precarious positions to get shots!

The original description read:

Homage to Jenna Marbles video “What I would have done in Cancun”- “What I would have done at Oxegen” had I had a job and been able to afford to go. Also, FYI, I have never done drugs but LSD sounded the most mysterious and like the one that would most fit the ‘tunnel’ effect on my mac.

Link to Jennas original video:

Link to Oxegen website:




Pretty much stick ‘Clisare’ at the end of any website address and you’ll find me. If I’m on it which, if I can waste time on it, then I am.

Firstly, Dailybooth! Do you remember Dailybooth?

Secondly,  Oxegen was an Irish music festival that is also now gonezo.

I believe I ended up privating this video because a number of people expressed concern that I had made a joke about doing LSD, and even though it was clearly a joke, that “I’d never get a job”. In 2011, making YouTube videos just wasn’t seen how it is now, and people were very wary of it at first. It’s funny how the attitudes have totally changed – these days, nobody would bat an eyelid at that joke. In fact, I would be very surprised if there isn’t videos of people doing LSD on YouTube now!

It’s so weird to watch, and even weirder to rerelease into the world, but it’s a part of my history. Join me and reupload your first video of the decade and let’s see how we’ve all grown! 


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  1. Clisare Amazing how you have changed threw all these years I feel you have grown quite well is there anything you did back then you miss? P.S, I bet you don’t miss that stupid tent LOL


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