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I Tried Living In My Car For 24 Hours

I tried living in my car for 24 hours after watching a lot of #Vanlife videos on YouTube.

Recently, I’ve been watching a lot of #VanLife videos on YouTube. I first came across these when Jenelle Eliana blew up on the site, and have watched a lot of different #Vanlife  -ers ever since.

It got me thinking – how would I survive living in my car? So I set myself a challenge – to live the ‘Van life’ for 24 hours. This didn’t mean staying in my car for 24 hours, as some commenters thought! It meant living the way I’ve watched Jenelle and others like her live – sleeping in my vehicle, getting in the sea, going to the gym/yoga, eating out and trying to live as normal as possible a life (if slightly more surfer-y than my regular life) and see could I last.

The experiment was an expensive one. Total costs included:

  • Yoga €5
  • Petrol €20
  • Stand up paddle boarding €25
  • Crepe and coffee €9
  • Burger King dinner €21

Not including car tax, insurance and car loan payments. One day living in the car cost upwards of €80, just for day-to-day expenses. Pile on car insurance, tax, NCT (if applicable), any repayments due on the car, gym membership (as Janelle has one to use the shower there) and I’m not sure that living in a car in that manner is that much more economical than renting.

A number of commenters have pointed out that some people have to live in their cars due to economic circumstance, and I want to note that this video was not about people in that situation. The idea was that I was living a rather boujee life based on what I’d seen on YouTube of vloggers who live in very nice vans and spend a lot on eating out, vintage clothes shopping and more. Living in the car like this would be very different to living in a car because of economic circumstances.

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