That time I went vegan

Around last June, I went vegan for a week for an experiment. I ended keeping it up for two weeks as I really wanted to stay vegan, and long story short I ended up giving it up.

I put up a 20min video on my main channel which is a vlog of the week plus a short outro on why I gave it up etc but just wanted to more eloquently expand here.

I did begin to feel bad around the two week mark, but someone has pointed out that could have been my body detoxing from all the things I had cut out. I do not know enough about what nutrients are in what food and I feel I need to work on that before I could be a vegan properly. I would also need to learn to cook. I did feel that it was more expensive but again, that was me being new to it, buying too much of some things and the wrong things etc, so just like with learning to feed myself when I went to college, that will come with time.

I was very excited by ‘Dees Pots’ or whatever, featured in the video. Unfortunately my local tesco (near work) stopped selling them which removed my easy vegan lunch choices and made it more difficult to keep up. The same Tesco did, shortly after, start selling vegetarian ready meals (shepards pie and lasagne) that are lovely so that’s not too bad – not vegan but still, no meat.

I don’t know if being fully vegan will ever be within my reach but I’m really inspired (and feeling really supported) by the comments on the video. Many people have pointed out that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing, which I thought it did. I have cut down on my milk and meat consumption massively since, going at least two days a week with no meat and going from drinking two pints a week to the tiny little bottles for my tea. However – someone recommended soy milk instead of almond milk so I might try that now in my tea!

As I like wine and instant coffee, I’m not sure being fully vegan will ever really work for me. I am going to try to be a vegetarian with very limited dairy consumption. I’ve already switched to soy yoghurts, I choose vegetarian options when out to eat and try to eat only vegan stuff before 6pm (so no meat during lunch, which I broke today, but haven’t in a while).

Anyway there’s a little bit more info. I didn’t find being a vegan all that hard in terms of food options available in Ireland – my only problem was that I didn’t know the right foods to eat for certain things – and it’s a pity I didn’t like falafel or it would have been even easier! The small things like milk powder and gelatin tripped me up but I feel that the longer you are doing something like that, the more you know about what you can and can’t eat.

I ultimately gave it up because it was really hard to work with Alex – we shop together and eat together and having two completely different diets was really difficult, expensive on us as a couple and awkward… but I think vegetarianism could work slightly more seamlessly, if I allow myself products with lactic acid, for example. I also think gradual is better than cold turkey!

I’ll let you know how I get on!



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