I went viral!

So… I went viral! (Below = me, delira!)


For the first time since Shite Irish Girls Say, I went “viral”. This time, it was a Facebook video and I broke 3 MILLION views in three days!

Now, they say the best content is divisive and this piece certainly was – if somewhat accidentally.

In the video, I (mock seriously) ordered people not to call St. Patrick’s Day ‘Patty’s Day’ – as Gaeilge.

As I wasn’t sure of the proper term for the Rising (and knew the Irish purists would come for me if I got it wrong), I opted to say that it has been 100 years since we “took back our independence”. Now, this isn’t technically true. We didn’t become a Republic until a number of years later (and some commenters have pointed out that we “never did” because of the six counties. But I used a touch of creative licence, I thought people would get what I was getting at.

Also I mispronounced ‘ainm’. By accident. Which the Irish purists were reaaaaal pissed about. Oh well.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 20.34.22

Long story short, it went viral. Most were sharing to tell others to call it Paddy’s Day, some were commenting, tagging and sharing to berate me over the actual date Ireland was declared a republic and some wrote on my wall to berate my “abysmal” Irish.

So – if you’ve commented on my FB wall and I haven’t replied, it’s been a lot to keep up with and I didn’t get to respond to all of the comments on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!

I was surprised to go viral without one single mention from a media organisation. It just goes to show the power of Facebook – it’s really hard to go viral on YouTube without news organisations or aggregator sites sharing your video, but not on Facebook. It’s mad, Ted!

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 20.04.58

As a result, I gained over 15,000 likes on Facebook alone, so if you are a new follower – welcome(!), and I’d like to give you the Clisare cheat sheet.

I have a series called the Irish Bucket List which is me doing “all of the cool things there is to do” in Ireland. I’ve been doing it for almost three years now and it’s my “thing” on YouTube.
There are 35 episodes so far online and there is a book coming out (will be sold online) in September. It will have up to 100 things to do in Ireland, and following that, more videos will be coming too.

Here’s the playlist so far: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6anIsekKYbb7E0MkxN_F3G9XySBkdyxe

I do sketches, rants and other YouTube-y stuff on my main channel Clisare on Mondays. http://youtube.com/Clisare and I make vlogs (video blogs), open mail and review things on my second channel http://youtube.com/Clisarevlogs.

Sometimes I teach people how to say things in Irish… like, how to curse/swear/cuss.

I post daily on Snapchat – username RealClisare and I periscope regularly, username Clisare. I also post short videos on Facebook as you know!

Thanks for following and I can’t wait to share all of the videos I have planned, and if you ever want to request a video, write on my wall, tweet me or snap me!




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