10 of my favourite videos from my time with Independent.ie

After working at Independent.ie for the last 2.75 years as a reporter, multimedia editor and the Social Media Editor, I am moving on and taking on a new challenge in digital video.

I’ll reveal more about my new job in due course but for now, I just want to show you my favourite moments from working at Independent.ie.

Working there I got to do some really cool things in the course of my job. For example, one Friday I got to fly above Dublin in a vintage plane one Friday for a video piece. Another time, I got to have lunch hanging from a crane over Dublin with one of my colleagues. It was hard work but there were some really cool moments and I made some stuff I’m really proud of.

In no particular order, here are ten of my favourite things I got to do for video pieces during my time with Independent.ie.

1. Getting to be the first person in Ireland to test out Google Glass. 

2. Learning to speed make pizza with the Dominos World Champion

3. Having lunch on a crane above Dublin

4. Get brain-hacked by Keith Barry  Cringe!!

5. Chatting to junior infants for #BringYourBearToWork and school day.  So cute!

6. Raise money for charity with a trolley dash 

7. Eating crickets at the Ploughing

8. Getting Rob Kearney to read the @BoringKearney tweets 

9. Talking to the Queen of Europe Drifting Champion about her sport

10. Climbed Croagh Patrick with all-Ireland medal winning GAA players


If I had to pick one, the Rob Kearney one is the one that still makes me laugh all this time later. One I really enjoyed making was the trolley dash, I’m very competitive and it was right up my alley! I was running around putting the most expensive stuff in my trolley to raise money for charity when I was supposed to be thinking about making meals – my Christmas dinner would have been all duck and goose!

We had our leaving drinks last night and I am brown bread dead today. I’ve been watching Netflix all day and it’s asked me twice “Are you still watching”?
Don’t judge me, Netflix. Don’t judge me.





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