What’s happening in August

I definitely need some sort of magic diary that links all of my email promises with my calendar and my scribbled notes I leave all over the house, but here’s an attempt to update you (and remind myself) what I have coming up this month.


Astronauts Wanted asked me to do a video around their series #Blessed! This was so exciting for me, thank you for getting involved and tweeting and snapchatting!! (Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCGqAgjRGJw)

Saturday 8th August

I will be appearing at Craic Con! By appearing I mean showing up and spending the whole day there and filming and annoying people and then getting drunk at After Craic. Hope to see you there! (It’s in UCD, starts at 1!)

I will also be filming with JamesMitchellTV after CraicCon and making a video from the event for Astronauts Wanted!


I’m going to be in a documentary and filming is next week – it will be airing in September so should be able to tell you all soon! I will also vlog the experience, booya!

New “merch”!

Next Monday (10th August) I’m going to launch a Teespring campaign for a jumper (sweatshirt in America). You’ll only be able to get them for one week and there will be a limited number available! I’m very excited to see if you like them and if it works!!


Parcel Motel

I have finally caught up to the Parcel Motel backlog and my latest Parcel Motel-opening video will be up this week on my second channel.

Fitsnack July Box

My Fitsnack July unboxing and review will be up next week on my second channel!

Vidcon Collabs!

While in LA I collabed with Cakes By Choppa, Louies Loops, Cooking With Karma, Kat of Diamonds, Ms Dessert Junkie and The Aussie Ninja. I will be putting these up from the end of the month through September!

Electric Picnic

I will be at Electric Picnic at the end of the month, I might see you there!



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