A Quick Note On Sponsorships

I watched this video recently and it made me laugh – a lot. It also made me think – and as a result I wanted to update you on the sponsorship/affiliate situation with me at the moment.

With my book and my podcast in the works, I need to do some sponsorships to keep all my content free, and the book as cheap as I can. However, I will not do any that I don’t feel good about, or that you don’t want or like!

On that note, I’m ending my Glossybox affiliate link – I’m not really into beauty and I don’t think you guys are too into it either. I’m taking on a Fitbox affiliate link instead, so if you’re into healthy snacks (like me) then that will be more your speed, and it’s much more in line with what I like. You also get a free gym bag when you sign up via my link! Hopefully the first one of these will arrive so I can review soon. (Link: http://fitsnack.com/Clisare)

I’m still selling merch with ReelStyle – I get a percentage of these sales which I’m putting towards the aforementioned projects so when you’re buying them, you’re helping me get my podcast out there and my book moving, so thank you! (Link: http://bitly.com/Clisare01) The 30% off offer is over but I’m going to be running some giveaways soon to thank you for supporting all of my endeavors thus far!

I am continuing to work with brands on sponsored videos but will continue to keep it to only the most relevant campaigns for both you and I, I won’t endorse anything I don’t really love and you’ll know when you’re watching a sponsored video. Please let me know if there are links or sponsorships that don’t fit you and we’ll change it.

I am looking into many more avenues of income outside YouTube so that I don’t have to rely on sponsorships, and there are some hugely exciting projects in the works that would help me achieve this, so I will let you know as soon as I do!

Thank you for supporting me thus far, thank you for sharing and watching, and long may our online friendship continue!


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