Big Announcements – Interviews, Podcast, Book and signing with ReelStyle!

I got interviewed by Fan of Words on my favourite film, book and album! I don’t think the film will surprise you but the others might!

Read here:

I was also interviewed by Dublin Web Fest for their podcast, which you can listen to here

If you saw my latest video #LeavingCertMemories, I announced two exciting things.

The first is my podcast which I’m working on, and the second is that I’ve teamed up with ReelStyle to bring out some limited edition clothes!

The first season of my podcast will be me reading my teenage diary, (if I can summon the courage to do it that is!)

Subscribe to me on Soundcloud to find out:

^^ (Someone else took so that’s not me!)

On my Reel Style shop there are two limited edition designs available and 30% off all this week!

The jumper was designed by Gráinne, who watches my videos and answered a Twitter call for illustrators. She’s currently doing her leaving cert so best of luck, Gráinne!

Hilariously, the design is a messy-haired girl facedown on a pillow (hashtag self portrait) but some people have pointed out that it looks like a sloth/chewbacca on a log, which you can’t unsee!!

Reel Style Shop link:
Discount Code: BUCKETLIST30 (case sensitive)


I’m also working on making the Irish Bucket List into a guide book, if you want to support that sign up to the mailing list here:

That’s about it! This month is so crazy for me – I have TWO Parcel Motel Mail videos coming, thanks so much to everyone who sent me stuff and those will be up ASAP!



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