A look back on #MarRef by Clisare

As some of you have noticed, I promised a part two in the ‘#MarRef Lies’ video. This video was me going through a really, really homophobic leaflet which was distributed around houses in the run up to the campaign. It was me having a laugh at something that was so offensive that it wasn’t offensive. It was too ridiculous to be taken seriously.

It didn’t go up in time so I decided to leave it – why give it airtime now that the Yes campaign has won, and LGBTQ people have been officially accepted into Irish society by majority vote.

Here’s the content I did in the run up to vote instead, in case you missed any of it!

Living With Leviticus

‘Well, if you’re going to limit the rights of a minority based on one line from an ancient book, at least you live your whole life by what it says in that book’.

#MarRef Lies

Here I went thought the BS – from both sides. **Don’t call it a comeback** **Shimmies off**

And my personal favourite, Clarifying the ‘No’ Campaign



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