Big announcement!

I am so excited to finally announce that I have signed with Collective Digital Studio!

Collective Digital Studio are an American network who have signed some of my favourite creators including Mamrie Hart, IISuperwomanII and – as of yesterday – Glozell.

CDS hand-pick their creators and their roster is only 900-strong. They aim to give each creator a more personal, one-to-one experience by focusing on a smaller number of creators around the world.  To make this list is a big achievement for me, and the ‘leg up’ they provide into the US market is absolutely invaluable. They aim to have an average creator turning over 1m views a month and they believe that I have a big future on the site. I am really excited about their hands-on approach to building, connecting and promoting their creators.


This signing hopefully means big things for my YouTube channel. I am the first Irish creator they’ve signed and I’m already noticing a steep uptake in views after following the one-on-one optimization advice given to me from their expert.

They’re already working on linking me with other creators and putting me forward for appearances at YouTube conventions like Summer in the City and Vidcon.

Not only that, but they personally introduce and help facilitate collaborations between creators and I am very excited to meet and work with creators around the world. Now that I’m on the same channel as Mamrie and Glozell, I’m that bit closer to my dream of working with them!

This signing follows a year where I was nominated for several blogging and vlogging awards, including a Stellar Shine Award for Best Vlogger, a Rabo Tweetie for ‘Tweetie Funny’ and a Bestie for Best YouTube Channel.

Hopefully this is the beginning of bigger and better things for my YouTube channel!


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More about Me

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6 thoughts on “Big announcement!

  1. claude angeli

    Congratulations! Being an American I would so agree, you have the humor that would be appreciated here. I wish you the best of luck. I have enjoyed your creativity and the humor, don’t loose the Irish roots, it works.

  2. Clare, that is amazing news. Well done. I’ve subscribed to your channel for a couple of years now and it just gets better and better! Well done on your achievements this far and good luck for all of the rest that are to come. Sx

  3. Kyle Mc

    Congrats Clare!!! I want to wish you the best of luck. Maybe you could come to New York again if you get a big American following.

  4. Congrats Clare! I’m a subbie to your channel and am extremely proud of the Irish YouTube Community at the moment. It’s very exciting to watch you all grow and create entertaining high quality content. I wish you the very best of success with Collective Digital Studio. They are very lucky to have you on board! X


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