Turns out all trolls really are thirteen

This was an email I received from a lovely young man from Kildare.

He makes YouTube videos and has 97 subscribers.

(Click to enlarge)

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 22.31.53

“I’m a really big fan and watch nearly all of your videos”.

“I love your videos, they always make me smile”.

This was the attached end screen.

clisare outro Image

As you can see, this is essentially my current end screen just changed to purple. So, while I wasn’t going to use it, I thought it was a nice gesture, and was planning on emailing him back and thank him.

However, shortly after I read that email he left me a comment on one of my videos.

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 22.36.29

The username on this comment triggered me – I recognised it from somewhere. I checked my videos and, sure enough….

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 21.07.01

He left that on a video on my vlog (second) channel. Now, despite the fact that I had replied using my ‘Clisare’ channel, he seemed to think I hadn’t seen it – or maybe he didn’t mean to comment with that channel, or forgot his email name was the same as the channel he uses to comment. (This is important to note – he does not use the YouTube channel he mentioned in the email to comment.)

Now, that comment wasn’t that bad, but it annoyed me because I do support rugby and GAA, and I see no issue with liking Marshawn Lynch or the Vikings or watching the Superbowl. (I only watched the halftime show, and it was the most watched TV event in history.) By the way, someone else pointed out that by his logic, he shouldn’t use xbox as it wasn’t made in Ireland.

Anyways, I was annoyed by the two-facedness of it all. It’s so typical of trolls to be this way – abusive when they think they can get away with it, nice when it suits them. He calls me ‘disgraceful’, but wants me to shout out his channel in my videos and says he’s my biggest fan.

To the nice comment, I simply responded ‘Pass’ with a link to the above not-so-nice comment.

This is what he responded.

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 22.37.51

“I don’t subscribe to gingers”

“You have no skills”

“Fucking Mayo scumbag”.

(***Compare the two sets of quotes*****)

Now, I’ve had a look at both his channels, his Facebook, his Twitter and his Tumblr.

I’ve found out he is thirteen years old. I did not know that when I engaged him, and I have not named him or linked to him for this reason. I do not want anyone to engage him further, I just wanted to write about this.

It was a bit of an eye-opener for me, I must admit. I never believed that old adage that all trolls are just 13-year-old boys who think they’re big on the Internet. But this one definitely is. And it makes me wonder what my 12 and 13 year old nieces and nephews are up to online. I would hope – HOPE – they would not be acting like this, hidden behind a computer screen. They have definitely been brought up better than that.

Apart from his comments, there’s nothing particular harmless about this kid – or his videos. He seems like a normal 13-year-old, very excited to be making 13-year-old-esque videos.

I don’t think anything will ever change for women on the internet if children think this behaviour is okay – that speaking to someone like this, when you don’t get your way, is okay.

But also, it’s a good lesson to take trolls with a pinch of salt because they’re not just childish – sometimes, they’re actual children.

Anyway, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and get a bucket of makeup ready to bring my lack of skills to work tomorrow to write about foreign sports to provide for my blind boyfriend. πŸ˜‚




5 thoughts on “Turns out all trolls really are thirteen

  1. Jess

    Hahah, love doing a bit of detective work on internet trolls, esp the people who dont even know how to internet. Glad you were kind to him given he’s 13. But yeah, you’re right – how f’ed up is it he’s like that at 13? They really REALLY need to add technology/cyberbullying/internet skills to the curriculum…

  2. Robert

    I’m only 15 myself and its not uncommon to hear about these things going on in school, but i think the only reason trolls are like that, is because they are jealous of not being as popular as the likes of yourself Clare, which i think really bugs them and makes them do stupid things to gain attention which, he successfully gained not through your own fault Clare but because he wanted to make a show of himself… so yea i wanted pay any attention to those eejits out there whatever age they are.


  3. Very interesting post πŸ™‚ For someone to write a ‘troll-ie’ comment in general you’d expect there to be some lack of maturity, but it goes to show that possibly the majority of mean-commenting trolls are children (young-teens). I have younger siblings, one being 12, I would also hope that she knows better than to take part in this malicious petty behavior. It’s not nice for anyone of any age to receive. Defiantly a great reminder to take comments like such, with a grain of salt πŸ™‚

    Haha love the last line, keep up the awesome videos πŸ™‚ Repin’ it for our Irish hommies




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