I need your votes! (again!)

I’ve been nominated for a #BNBestie and I really need your votes!


I’d love to win this as BreakingNews.ie have been very good to me re: sharing videos etc. I am besties with them on Twitter 😉

However, I’d be happy to lose to three of the other four running – Sean Burke, who is criminally underrated and a genius comedian, The SacconeJolys, who are the hardest-working Irish family I know – and the country’s biggest YouTubers – and Foil Arms and Hog are just gas altogether. GAS.


I wouldn’t be happy to lose to Facts. I’ve spoken before about how much I think their practice of buying people’s ideas (for ONLY €10) is an absolute disgrace. (If your idea gets 1m views, you get €25. They would make up to €2,000 on ad revenue). Their content is a carbon copy of Buzzfeed and their existence makes it harder for the rest of us to compete. They don’t want to work with Irish YouTubers, they’re only 6 months old and for the other four nominees, who have all been around for years, working on hard on creating original content with no budgets, to be beaten by them, would be a slap in the face to Irish YouTube content creators.


2 thoughts on “I need your votes! (again!)


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