Two Irish companies I want to show my support for, for #BuyFromAnSMEThisChristmas

Thanks a million to new Irish clothing company TwoTonMurphy who sent me a new hoodie to do my Irish Bucket List in – especially appreciated as the weather gets colder and I can’t wear just a t-shirt anymore!

Another company I love is An Spailpín Fanach. It’s where I get almost all of my Irish language t-shirts and tops from and they showed me a bit of love on Twitter the other day which was amazing!

I’m a big advocate of supporting Irish business – especially small business. The hashtag #BuyFromAnSMEThisChristmas on Twitter was about these kind of small, local or startup businesses. When you spend €10 in an Irish shop or business, up to €50 goes into the Irish economy. Don’t ask me how, haven’t a clue, but read it on the internet so it must be true 😉
(Just so you know this post is not sponsored).

About Clisare

From now on I'd like to be known as comedian Clare Cullen, said with inverted comma fingers. Ireland's most subscribed-to female comedian on YouTube.

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