I’ve been nominated for another award…. #HumbleBrag

So I’ve been nominated for a third award – this time by Arcade.com, a gaming website. I’ve been nominated in the best vlogger/YouTuber category!

Honestly I have zero idea what I’m doing in the category as I’m not really a gamer but I’m delira all the same!

Currently 2 for 0 on award nominations v wins so very excited to make it 3 for 0!

You can vote here: http://www.the-arcade.ie/2014/11/the-arcade-awards-2014/

You can vote once per day until the end of December! I won’t ask ya to do that but just so you know 😉

They gave me this badge to lash on me blog, sure at least I’ve that!



About Clisare

From now on I'd like to be known as comedian Clare Cullen, said with inverted comma fingers. Ireland's most subscribed-to female comedian on YouTube.

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  1. Hi Clare, I’m Diarmuid. I’d like to wish you a merry Christmas because what you actually don’t know is simply watching a comedy video of yours took me through a bad patch if my life.
    I was in a very bad relationship. At the end, I did attempt to “end it” I spent four months in a hospital, a further three seeing doctors….
    I tried going back to normal life but it was so hard. Eventually I left Ireland and moved to New York.
    It was the hardest time of my life, and this was actually when I found a video of yours.
    It was actually my mammy that sent me a link to it.
    I sat for hours laughing.
    Your videos were what brought me around. Not doctors, advice, meds, etc.
    I’d personally like to thank you, wish you a merry Christmas, new year and hope to fuck you get loaded drunk and enjoy!



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