I’m doing the #InternetAdvent Calendar

I’m doing the #InternetAdvent calendar this year – created by my YouTube friend Neon Fiona/Spoop Queen/Tits & Travel.

Here’s a detailed blog post about it but basically you answer a Christmass-y question per day any way you want – Vine, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Blog, YouTube, etc – just use the hashtag #InternetAdvent so Fiona can find them as she a) is obviously interested as she invented it and b) posts her favourites every day.

I’m doing it this year using the below social channels – click on each to follow me there. Just to be awkward I decided to use them all – it’s like the world’s crappiest treasure hunt!

Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Vine, YouTube Vlog Channel.

I’ll do my best to collate them here for ya but sure, no promises. I’ll be surprised if I make it though the month – I have a criminally short attention span! I got around four days into that #100HappyDaysThing that time so if I beat four, we’re #Winning.

Here’s yesterday’s tired entry – I would do a YouTube video every day except I’m criminally tired after work every day and my couch is SO comfortable. Too comfortable. Damn it.

Day One

Day Two



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