Irish Bucket List (CatchUp)


I’ve been flat out doing Irish Bucket List stuff lately, and here’s just a taste of the most recent videos.

See all Irish Bucket List videos here:

Tough Mudder
Tough Mudder came from the US so I did it – it’s longer than Hell and Back but not quite as torturous. It’s achievable and the sense of accomplishment at the end was mind-blowing, especially following the electric shocks at the finish line! *not a joke

Archery in Winterfell
I went to the Game of Thrones set, dressed like a Stark and kicked arse in an archery content! Epic day out.

Kilkenomics Festival
You would think comedy and economics wouldn’t work, but it so, so does.

Haunted Spooktacular
I went down to the Haunted Spooktacular and got absolutely terrified, just in time for Halloween. Can’t recommend it enough for people who like a good clean scare.


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