Want To Be In A ‘Clisare’ Video?

I’m working on a video and I need accents from across the country!

All you have to do is film yourself saying the following phrase in your own accent and upload it to YouTube with the title ‘Clisare accent tag’ and whatever county you are from.

Please start with ‘My Name is XX and I’m from (county)’ and then say the following line clearly in your own accent! (If you’re from Dublin, please specify northside Dublin or Southside Dublin!)

“There’s more than one Irish accent”

and you can add something else in at the end if you’d like!

Can’t wait to see them! Send me a link to your YouTube clip here


2 thoughts on “Want To Be In A ‘Clisare’ Video?

  1. Maria

    I would love to help your out with this, but I’m American :\ Tá mé ag foghlaim Gaeilge, er at least, trying…and I absolutely LOVE your videos, especially as Gaeilge! Best of luck 🙂


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