Spot the difference

LIDL brought out a new ad campaign recently.

One, called ‘How You Know You’re From The Country’, was inspired by ‘How You Know You’re Irish’ and was quite good, I liked it.

Their second one, called ‘What an Irish Mammy Says’, was almost a carbon copy of ‘Shite Irish Mammies Say’,  right down to the terrible wigs. 😉

What an Irish Mammy says –

Shite Irish Mammies Say –


There’s a difference between jumping on a meme (being inspired) and creating something someone else has already created. It’s a fine line creators struggle with all the time.

When ‘Donegal is happy’ went viral, someone made ‘Galway is happy’ and ‘Dunmore East is happy’ – that’s jumping on a meme.

Inspired by this, I wanted to make ‘Dublin is happy’ until I realised someone had already done it, so I didn’t.Because that would be creating something that somebody else had already created. See the difference?

I’m not really annoyed about it just wanted to address it – I know LOADS of you have tweeted/FB’d them about it and I just wanted to say thank you!

In case I’ve upset anyone, here’s a picture of a dog in a towel. SO CUTE!


2 thoughts on “Spot the difference

  1. Oooh – Maybe you could address this in your next Video – call them out and tell them it would be much better if they HIRED you to produce a story/skit/video based on LIDL. Think of the thousands of sanctioned views that LIDL.COM on the internet – video created by Clisare … in good faith!? I’d be Happy to be part of that campaign. And sure if they ignore you, I have a load of ideas for you to just do your lidl shopping series (without that restriction of corporate branding )
    ” Ma look, can I get this wind-powered epilator for school”


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