Sé Seachtainí le TG Lurgan

I did some shooting for TG Lurgan’s new app & initiative, Sé Seachtainí.

The whole point is to get more people confident and comfortable speaking Irish in groups. The idea is that helping people craft their spoken Irish is the first step towards a more widely-used language.

However, someone already corrected my ‘lenition’ in the comments – in English. Basically, the exact opposite of the point Sé Seachtainí is making – that we should be encouraging each other to practice and use what we have, not tearing each other down for small errors. (How frustrating – why do Irish people do this?)

Ní Gaeilgeoir líofa mé. Déanann mé iarracht mar is aoibhinn liom mo theanga duchais. Bí liom le haghaidh spraoi!

Here’s ze blurb:

Learning to speak Gaeilge with confidence is a matter of practice — nothing else. OIDE is an online language lab that aims to get learners immersed in the sounds and rhythms of everyday conversational Gaeilge.

“Sé Seachtainí” will follow the progress of 6 learners as they engage with a series of lessons from OIDE under the guidance of a teacher.
Beginning on 3rd March, we will be uploading 4 weekly videos as new learning materials are being introduced to the class. Class members then undertake the follow on tasks & exercises on their PCs / tablets / smartphones during the course of the week.

While OIDE strongly supports independent learning it also relies heavily on teachers to introduce, explain and give direction. More importantly, teachers can quickly assess and leave audio feedback on their students recorded work. Receiving quality feedback has a powerful influence on achievement as it gives precise information to learners on their efforts to reach their goals.


2 thoughts on “Sé Seachtainí le TG Lurgan

  1. Hi Chláir, Tá jab iontach á dhéanamh agat le OIDE. Is láithreoir (presenter) den chéad scoth (top class) thú. Tá an t-ádh orainn go bhfuil tú ag cabhrú linn. One thing Clare has in common with TG Lurgan, besides great videos, is her passion for ” THE Language”. Cailín beag – Croí mór.

  2. wolfhoundjack

    Níl a bhfíos agam cén fáth, a Clare. Is ‘trolls’ iad, feck’em. 😉 Gaeilge gan Eagla. Níl mé líofa féin freisin ach tá mé ag feabhsú. Creidim “Labhair í agus tiocfaidh sí”


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