I gave up the Internet for Christmas

So I gave up Internet over the Christmas. My (real-life) job involves being on the internet and on social media so I couldn’t give it up while I was working, so the four and half days I was off over Christmas were absolutely internet-free.

That might not sound like much but I did find it hard. Twitter and apps like Google Maps and the Dublin Bus app were the ones I missed the most- I hardly missed Facebook at all, except when I knew someone had taken a photo of me and posted it there, but I never felt the need to log in and check my notifications. (Whereas I had quite a lot of urges to tweet over the break.)

I actually enjoyed the break from YouTube. It was nice to not be obsessing over views and comments. It was nice to have a break from the negativity online too – I think I needed it to be able to keep going.

Things have to change in 2014… I don’t know how yet but they will. For my own sanity, I need to make better videos but I also need to be getting more sleep so things like scheduling might change to allow me more time between videos. That’s not certain yet – just a thought. YouTube also changed their monetization strategy and that will affect my uploads. I will update you all on it here when I’ve decided.

Thank you so much for the last two years and I hope that 2014 will be even bigger and better.

Happy New Year and hope you had a good one!


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