The Toy Show Drinking Game

I’ll be playing the Toy Show Drinking Game tonight but I’ve altered the rules.

The original ones were far too complicated so I’ve taken a few of my favorites and added a few of my own, and we’ll be just drinking, none of this two drinks/shot/three drinks nonsense.

Video up on Monday!

Here’s our version if you want to play along (over 18s only obv)

1. “There’s one for everybody in the audience.”

2. When a toy doesn’t work or Tubs can’t work it

3. When a wild band appears
4. When a wild puppet appears
5. When a wild celebrity appears
6. A wild Santa appears
7. Audience participation
8. When an updated version of an old toy appears
9. Everytime Tubs changes his jumper
10. Everytime something happens that will be talked about on Twitter
Enjoy!!! Happy official first day of Christmas! #latelate #toyshow
Here’s the ‘official’ one if you want to get cray:

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