You can’t email me anymore because one person had to ruin it

So unfortunately I’ve had to delete both emails I had associated with my YouTube accounts. I only had these emails so people who watched my videos could email me.

Basically, someone decided they really didn’t like me so they signed both emails up to some really bad websites. :/

I don’t want these websites associated with my email, obviously, so I’ve gotten the email removed from them.

However, I’ve now had to delete the email accounts because that one person basically ruined it for everyone.

Honestly, it’s just annoying. What a petty, childish way to hit out at someone, hiding behind your keyboard. Step up and be a man and state your problem. Also, kind of an extreme reaction to a 25-year old girl making jokey YouTube videos. Seriously.

As I don’t use the email it actually affects you guys more than me because now you can’t email me. Sorry dudes! You can still tweet me @clisare or sign up to the mailing list from this blog.

Now I have to go film today’s #SSS! See you soon!



About Clisare

From now on I'd like to be known as comedian Clare Cullen, said with inverted comma fingers. Ireland's most subscribed-to female comedian on YouTube.

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  1. Let’s see him/her make better videos than you.


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